SolidWorks - Any Active Guide-Type Help Program Available?

I’m trying to learn SolidWorks rapidly, and I was wondering if there exists an active assistant-type program out there that could ask what the user wants to do next, offer suggestions on how to proceed, options for accomplishing the next step, etc.!

I’m an inventor-designer trying to depict my inventions in 3D CAD, so it’s tricky trying to think of an invention, design issues, & how to depict it in CAD all at the same time!

Thanks for any suggestions! I have dozens of inventions I’d like to depict in 3D CAD, so I’ve a lot of work to do, and I’d like to speed up the process as much as possible!

To get up to speed fast, you should get official Solidworks training- I remember taking one for a few days 8-5 and a couple weeks later, I was doing nicely on some projects. It’s a ton of money but it’s worth it b/c of the efficiencies- they show you stuff you would never figure out on your own, esp. since usually the instructor applied it to his/her previous worklife.