solidworks advanced surfacing tutorial

Hi, do anyone have any link to tutorial on advance surfacing for solidworks?
I have browse several good stuff on solidworks world site and some from awesome dimonte group.

Awesome that you found some of the DiMonte Groups tutorials, I’m one of two ID guys there.

Check out my presentation from SolidWorks World 2015: Surfaces & Splines

and broken into 16 shorter video HERE

Though it will be a little hard to find, there isn’t a better book about surfacing in SW than

SolidWorks Surfacing and Complex Shape Modeling Bible

Also, and a lot of people really don’t value it enough, but rolling through the history of a model downloaded from any number of websites with SW models is just as good as any tutorial.

Also, and you may not be into cars, but making this model is ALL about surfacing.

Ironically the author hates solidworks so much these days he’s ditched it all together and is has taken up blogging about how great solidedge is instead! But yea, solid info in that book if you can get a hold of a copy. It’s a pity because when his blog was still about SW he ran surfacing competitions and the like, much like core77 does.

It’s not that Matt hates SW as a platform as much as it’s about the discourse between Matt and SW HQ and the general direction of things. As software goes the paradigm that SE offers is vastly different that SW when it comes to modeling “parametrics”. I would say that SE has better surfacing tools that SW currently, but that may change considering that no new surfacing tools have been added in quite sometime in SW and with Matt onboard with SE they’ll only get better surfacing specific features.

wow, its nice to see dimonte guy here! you my friend, have just increase your good karma point
your little tips and trick work around is excellent!

Thanks Lowe9! This has just become mandatory viewing for our design team - great content throughout!

Thanks for the great tutorials, Andrew.

This is definitely the level that I want to be at. I have watched the first 10 videos on youtube, and because I was taught Alias formally at college, I can understand most the principles. However, I need some surfacing tutorials to help bridge the gap as I am not experienced enough with SW surfacing. Also, I am always wondering which keys you are pressing to get the fast workflow. For example, BlenderCookie have all the keystrokes displayed in some of their tutorials and it helps massively to get highly efficient… Introduction to Character Modeling in Blender - YouTube

Could anyone recommend some other SW surfacing tutorials? I have learned the basics already so I am probably looking for intermediate level .