Solidworks 64 bit on XP X64?

Has anyone gutted their operating system and loaded Windows XP X64 and then loaded the 64 bit version of Solidworks yet. According to both Microsoft and Solidworks this is supposed to make your system smoke. I tend to not believe most things Microsoft says, so I’m looking for some empirical evidence before I switch my operating system and risk compatibility issues…

Any brave soles yet???

Currently, the only area where you will see any major jumps is in large assemblies. This is in major pat due to the fact that your RAM limit is no longer an issue. Well at least in regards to 32bit, in that you can only address up to 2gigs. With 64bit you can have something like 16gigs to work with. Damm expensive, but if you have 2-5000 component assemblies, it would be well worth your company looking into it.