Solidworks 2007, whats to come.....

This is a quick run down of whats was show at Solidworks world. Of course nothing is 100% until it is released. Of everything introduced, from a design stand point, NURBS is the BIGGEST enhancement in YEARS…

The SWIFT series is evolving into a platform for automating steps to allow the designer to spend more time on engineering and less time on CAD.

What started as a way to retrace steps in re-ordering feature edits has evolved to a series of “experts” or automated steps reducing the tedium and increasing the efficiency of design work in SolidWorks. Users, now familiar with the “What’s Wrong?” window when stepping or re-stepping through feature lists can select from among a growing list of “experts” to do the work for them.

SWIFT was just one of three main innovations introduced at Monday’s General Session. 3D desktop scanning and a strong corporate momentum to support ongoing research, development and customer support were also announced.

A. General Enhancements

  1. Linked views: multiple screen views scale, scroll, and more all together.
  2. Display states: store favorite settings for reuse.
  3. COSMOSWorks Analysis Advisor – a wizard-type tool with tips on improving design from analysis results.
  4. Sketch Blocks: similar to a Windows box select – everything inside the box is operated on the same – then transfer the whole block to a an assembly.
  5. Camera: similar tools and set-up to “lights,” but snaps to a view from the camera’s perspective – use for animation direction, tie to Animator, save AVIs, and bring to PhotoWorks.
  6. Annotation: Text-in-box sizing, shaping, spell-checking, word wrap. Also generic tables and rows function.
  7. Area Fill: Pick a feature, seed with image, fill. Includes full control of fill parameters, spacing, edges, more.
  8. A new belt command will allow users to select pulley faces, and SW2007
    will create a path where the belt will follow. At that point you will also be able to create the belt itself with the standard modeling features. It will also ad a mate that when you rotate one pulley, it will rotate them all!
    9.Sketch blocks now have belt and track relations where you can create moving sketches of cams and belts movements.

    B. Consumer Product Design
  9. 3D Sketcher Enhancements: arcs, circle, rectangular relationships now supported. 2D plane inside 3D model – maintain design intent on change. Dynamic preview along the way. Easier to manage feature tree. 2. Functional Features: snap holes, mounting blocks -
  10. Net Surface. Similar to the “fit spline” tool, take multiple surfaces and combine them into one.
  11. Decals – complete control, multiple plane and surface control, size, shape, background – very “sexy” full layout controls.
    5.NURBS. A new Push Pull feature allows you to create points and mesh on a
    surface, and then be able to drag those areas to form new shapes. This
    feature will work on both scanned parts, and imported parts!!

    C. Machine Design (reuse of previously designed components)
  12. Annotation Views: organize dimension annotation on a plane – leads to cleaner, non “rats-nest” automation of the detail of drawings.
  13. Smart Components: Auto sizing of reuse components.
  14. Broken views: both horizontal and vertical cut lines to size to fit to sheet.
  15. Loads and Boundaries in COSMOSExpress – FEA loading wizard.

D. Sheet Metal

  1. Multiple Edge Flange.
  2. Rip Feature: all features can now be used to define rip and tear.
  3. Closed Corner: enhancement allows non-90 degree to each other and non-90 degree to base plane.
  4. Gauge Tables: Table-driven automatic adjust.
  5. Drawing Bend/Annotations: Automatic annotation of all bend lines.


You will be able to link ANY custom property into a balloon.

The ability to add jump points to leader lines so you can bend them
around to your liking.

When adding a view to a drawing, a new plane will show in graphical
icons, exactly how each view will look, before you place it.

When you start placing dims in a drawing, they will automatically start
to move around when you drop them. Basically eliminating the clutter
of overlapping dims.


The ability to create multiple relations at once. Have 15 bearings and
15 shafts, select them all, and mate them at the same time. SW will
create a multi mate folder. The multi mate tool will work with every
mate type.

A new rack and pinion mate has been added.

A new tool called data share expands on the file>find references tool.
The new Data Share will copy all files, AND drawings into a new
location where you can save, or email it directly from the window.

Sharing assemblies that contain toolbox parts with other people will
get easier. SW2007 will be able to find the necessary parts upon
opening an assembly even if they aren’t saved into the file sent out
to your customer.

that’s cool.

i called solidworks 2 years ago and asked for nurbs. the guy who answered my call said, “well, if we add that will you buy solidworks?!!” i replied: “yeah”.

so i guess i have to buy it now!

I wonder if that new nerbs feature compares to the ISDX or Pro/SURFACE tools ???

And did they add an intent manager yet to Solidworks? It is so slow otherwise… Just checking.

the demo that was done was simply pick the surface that you want to deform and you can then push and pull the UV’s. You can apply constriants onto the geometry.

Not sure what you mean by intent manager.

I have had many long talks with the Product Line manger of Solidworks. It is just time before they get that tool cool.

I wish Solidworks had bough Alias and Maya programmers instead of that dorky Autodesk. Makes me so darn mad I acutally took the day off when I heard that news.