Solidworks 2007 student edition

Hi i’ve recently been producing drawings of my product but each time i print one out its printing a watermark in the bottom left of the page saying ‘solidworks student license academic use only’

Is there any way of getting rid of this?


Ya. Easy.

Buy it.

IP is right. But if you are just using the pic for portfolio purposes just cut and paste from SW to photoshop and print from there.

ah damn so there’s not a way of getting rid of it? thats rubbish. Presumably putting the linework into illustrator would work?

When you go to save your drawing, save as PDF. This eliminates the watermark and changes nothing else on your drawing.

the watermark appears even if you buy the software. that’s to show it’s the student version versus the full version.

i assume you’re talking solidworks drawing, not rendering, right?

in terms of getting rid of it: print the file to a pdf file. (you can use adobe acrobat, or one of the free pdf writers available, e.g. cutepdf).

then you have several options:

  • you can bring the pdf file it into illustrator and remove it there, or place a white box over it
  • you can do something similar in photoshop, although it gets rasterized as part of that
  • easiest solution requires adobe acrobat (not just the reader): use the touchUp object tool (tools->advanced-editing->touchup-object-tool) and click on the text, then hit ‘delete’. you have to do this again for a hidden empty box behind the text.

how much this is legal or not is another question. the watermark is in there for a reason after all. :open_mouth: