solidworks 2005 Vs. pro e wildfire 2

it looks like our company will be updating to one of these packages. being a more experienced user of pro e, I have some questions about solidworks 2005…

my biggest concern as an industrial designer is the continuity issue for surfacing ops. in solidworks 2005. although solidworks 2005 claims on it’s website that the loft feature now offers C2 continuity, i want to know what other modeling features in 2005 now have C2 continuity : - does curve creation now have C2 or tangency matching at endpoints ? what about variable section sweeps in solidworks, can they be made C2 continous with adjacent surfaces at their ends in the 2005 version ?

i know the integrity of the final solid/surface 3d model comes down to how good the modeler is in terms of the modeling tools used and how they are used : my question and concern is the output quality of a 3D model for prototyping from solidworks, I have heard that some of them are patchy (so the prototyping house tacks on the extra charge to correct it…). i’ve never had a problem with this in pro-e

interested in hearing about your experience with solidworks 2005

Didnt use 2005 yet. Continuity in 2004 was decent, yet behind pro-e
I believe fillets now can be conical, but i may be mistaken. At least i think I saw a screenshot of this (not a face/face fillet either).

On the STL output for RP. It has been without a fault even on very complex models. I heard from RP suppliers that SW never has problems, Catia does.
That’s what I heard. And form my personal experience in SW, i can confirm.

Sorry, this is as much info as I got.

it’s a curvature to face continuity. if you make a loft and don’t use guide curves it automatically assumes a smooth path or curvature connecting the loft sections in a curve. the curvature settings are not adjustable like they’re in catia for instance.

i don’t know if pro offers auto continuity.

as for prototyping you should try it yourself and see if it comes out patchy. if you rely on outside sources to do your homework you’re in deep trouble.

Better yet, get Rhino although if you can hold out 'til Rhino v.4 that would be a sweet package by the looks of it.
Rhino and SolidWorks (or rhino and Pro-E) is a great combination.

But even just for checking and repairing STL files Rhino is great. I never had to repair STL files coming from SolidWorks though. But 3D studio max STL files do have holes in them (a lot of the time).

If you really want to make a good educated decision, I’d ask for Eval. copies of both of them and go to SW newsgroup and Pro-E newsgroup and pit the softwares against each other to see a more in depth comparison from the users.

I also think it’s important to judge how much time/how easy it is to use the tools.


thanks for the replies. i think we are going for the wildfire/rhino combination (just wish rhino 4 was out now…hopefully soon, really want that part history and brazil renderer). ptc are giving away the advanced surfacing module for free with the foundation pack : $4,995 total = same price as solidworks.
christmas just got merrier :smiley:

advanced surfacing module included with Foundation over a year now. $5k price is too high. got my standalone for $4k. negotiate with them. maybe get ISDX. another $3k. IDers new to using Pro like it alot.

oops, i meant isdx2 is included with advantage foundation pack for $4,995.
has anybody used pro/concept or pro/advanced render ? are they worth it ?

both? holy crap.

SWX 05 and WF 2 both offer C2 continuity, both are very competitive programs. I personally use WF much more than SWX, simply becuase b4 the 05 release you could not adjust the weighting of the endpoints on curves. Neither prog is perfect and each have equal amount of bugs and quarks. I would forget the rhino/wf combo…unless doing toys and highly organic models then I would rather see Alias/WF. If getting WF get the ISDX II modual, it now incorporates all of and even more features of Pro/Designer (CDRS) of old PTC offerings. Some of the updates include Compound Curve selection…select multiple curves as a single boundary/guide curve, and BiRail Sweeps. One feature I wish it had was a feature for easily making domed or recesed buttons.

Pro/Concept is cool for a while then you tend to give up and go back to painter/wacom combo…then useing style (ISDX) curve creation over the painter sketches.

Try them both offer 30 day trial you can down load or request a CD from your local VAR.