Solidworks 2005- any good?

just wonder what you all think of SW 05?

Is there much difference, worth upgrading?

Please tell they have improved photoworks!

photoworks needs improvement. specially antialiasing slows it down.

sw’05 is much better than’03. worth upgrading if you’re into building parts without having to worry about disjoint. just uncheck the merge bodies and it’ll create the feature.

they’ve got a lot of improvements on visual quality of the software such as the preview mesh, centerline for lofts/sweeps and synchronization which are these connectors you can adjust after picking the profile and guide curves.

in sketches you can draw a spline on a surface, smart/automatic relations also improved.

in assemblies you can have transparency, and flexible subassemblies where parts of the subs can be moved within the assembly.

a lot of other improvements. i think their website explains in detail all the new features.

there are a lot of new features, they may or may not be worth it for you.

the one thing i am still waiting for more than anything is vector integration into sketches.

the highlights:

improved/simplified macros

simplified templating

deform/flex options gives you very minor push/pull modeling capabilities, the example given at the demo was a toothbrush model with a flex head, they were able to easily manipulate the model to show the range of flexibility.

the photoworks engine is suppossed to be a big improvement, but i have been pushing the older versions to their limits for a while, so while i am able to do the same things in a few less steps, i haven’t noticed much.

there were a lot of upgrades they mentioned at the demo that got lots of applause but didn’t impress me too much because they just seemed obvious, like making parts transparent durring face selection/mating opperations.

i still think there is a lot to be added in the future, but all in all it was a good upgrade that hasn’t caused me any grief.

It really just depends on what you do. There are alot of new tools that make getting your designs done alot easier ie flex, deform, indent.

Actually multi bodies were intorduced in '03.

PW has a few more bells and whistles. The studio in '05 lets you get up some pretty good quality renderings much faster.

The best thing you can do is grab the PDF of Whats new from the web site and see if there are some new tools worth using. I have been on it since May and I have not looked back.

LOVE the new power trim tool.

oh yeah that’s true- i got carried away.