Solidthinking Evolve

Anyone have experience from Solidthinking Evolve? For example, does it bring the best from Rhino and Solidworks together?
Any input on how mature the software is and if it is worth learning? I mainly used Alias and Rhino. Like them both, for example the boolean stuff in Rhino and the curve control and history in Alias. Obviously there are many other advantages of parametric platforms that would be interesting to take advantage of, like better handover/integration with engineering.
I am an industrial designer working now working inhouse but have been working at design firms for the past 10 years.
Would be interesting to hear thoughts on this software as it looks interesting.

it looks very promising.
Dassault is rumored to be working on dropping the kernal out of Solidworks in favor of their own (Catia).
That’s years away, but an affordable hybrid with Solidworks compatiblilty could blow the doors off everything.

I got a trial of this and have been playing with it. I personally prefer Solidworks or Rhino over it thus far. The adjustment phase has not passed yet. Is anybody using Evolve?

I have been using it alot recently as the parametric stuff is so much more powerful than Rhino. I agree its not perfect yet, but I like the blendcurves, history and the ability to replace curves within features, add points to exisiting curves within features etc.