Solid Works, Poser 7, 3d Studio Max


I have been spending time lately working on sketching and 2d skills. I would like to begin to get a grasp of 3d programs.

I just bought a pc and am planning on buying solid works. I can buy a student copy which lasts for 2 years for 100. I would like to use Poser 7 with this software and am interested in what programs you use for rendering. Would 3d studio max support all file types?

I think I will just leave this open ended and see what information you all have about file types, human figures, and rendering.

Thank you,
David Whetstone

What are you planning on using it for?

Poser exports to any file format that can be brought into any 3D program.

I contend that Rhino is going to be your best bet, not knowing what your intentions are. You can do all forms of modeling in it. You can create nice renderings (especially now that plug ins like Brazil are available). You can create production viable data. The price is right…especially for students.

3DS + poser is capable of making ANYTHING you want. That said, I have never considered 3DS to be a viable 3D modelling package for ID b/c of the polygonal basis of it. You can create anything, but getting it to production…essentially…makes it so that you must remodel it elsewhere. Not unusual, just a drag IMO.

SolidWorks will do you great if you’re looking for the parametrics. I still like Pro/e over Solidworks for parametric power, but the gap is closing each year.

Thank you for the reply.

I will be using the software for school only. I have done more research and have a few more questions.

With Poser, is there a file library of different types of preset figures I can use? Example, a blank white head. See image below.

I have also found Maxwell render. I could buy that for 95 a year for 3 years or spend 195 for a copy of 3ds max. Maybe because Maxwell is a render engine this will be better.

Thanks again. I look forward to hearing what you have to say about Maxwell and Poser.


I haven’t used poser for eons. So I can’t say.

I stick with my previous comment about Rhino. 3DS and Poser are polygonal based programs. They will help you get good renderings, etc.

If you want to start using tools for creation of ID-type surface models, I highly recommend sticking with the big 4 for 3D (Alias, Rhino, Pro/e, and/or Solidworks). I am sure others will add a program or three in the mix. But bottom line, stick with a NURBS based 3D package.

I used 3DS Max for renderings, but that is it. It is fun to use, but it isn’t a critical tool.

I forgot to ask earlier: What year are you in school?

I will be graduating in June.

My last two internships have been very sketch heavy. I was exclusively responsible for creating concepts through photoshop sketches and renderings. I learned so much at both, but think it is time to try to up my very basic 3d skills.

I am currently doing an exchange in Berlin with four weeks left. I am working on a communication headset for an agricultural company called Claas and think this will be a great project to model up. Upon returning, I have one full quarter and a thesis quarter which are both 11 weeks.


Yup…bang for buck…Rhino.