Solid works models to Rhino

Hey All,

I’m currently work in Rhino 3d for concepting for the factory, I then send the concepts to China for engineering and modeling in Solidworks. If I request the Solidworks file, is there a way to open up the Solidworks file in Rhino so that I can get some good “product shot” style renders for marketing /packaging?

I used to do this back and forth all the time between solidworks and Rhino. We had to export the Solidworks file as an iges or a .stp file in order to open it in Rhino. The company I work switched over to Catia a few years ago so I’m not quite up to date on SW.

As a fall back you can always do it the old way and get the engineers to save their model as an iges. Rhino has no trouble opening them. If it’s a big model it will be virtually unmanageable in Rhino as it won’t have any layer data and a simple surface rectangle when made into a solid becomes 6 rectangles. Rendering times can become obscene.

The place where this gets cloudy is that one of the recent Rhino service releases added the ability to import solidworks files directly. I have never been able to get any consistent results from this. I can’t “open” any SW files, but I can “import” SW parts, but not assemblies. I have a feeling that this might be a version issue as SW is about the only program I know of that isn’t backwards compatible with itself at all. ie; a copy of SW2008 cannot open even the simplest SW2010 file.

I’d recommend looking on Rhino forums or contacting them directly for recommendations for making it work. It seems there must be a way if it is an officially supported option.

Certainly true, but isn’t Catia the same?

IGES or STEP are the only ways I know! Works every time.