Cam someone suggest helpful tutorials for SolidWorks. I have been working on Rhino for the past two years.

SW has great help menus. If you have the program, start by reading the surfaces chapter and the features listed. They show visual examples and clear, too the point descriptions.

i agree.

the sw documentation is by far the best i’ve ever encountered in any program!

you might find some good stuff here… mostly rendering tutorials though

Try this one:

Also agree. SW is the only non-Adobe program I’ve used that has built-in tutorials good enough to teach you a new tool from scratch.

If you’re willing to purchase some dead-tree media, Inside Solidworks by David Murray is a pretty well-written reference with a number of step-by-step walkthroughs.

Here you go, lots of sw users there:
also look for the dimonte group. I think it’s Look in the tutorials section, lots of powerpoint presentations that give good info on sw you don’t really see anywhere explained well.

thanks alot to all u guys… its so much better then my classroom here… hey skinny… killer links. thanks

Use the online tutorials within the program then take a course or two at your local reseller’s facility.
Im not sure what kind of support you can find in india though…

I’d go through the Tutorials within SolidWorks first.

Then look at, sometime ago I bought one of their advanced courses and was quite impressed, suited my learning style. They have few free samples, that are well worth looking at.

I have a few of tutorials on my website, answering questions received via the SolidWorks newsgroup

Links to tutorials on my website, plus check out links page for other free tutorials.