Hi everyone,

I installed the Solid works 2006 in a new PC with Windows Vista premium but when I tryed to open the program appears error.
Someone knows how to correct this, or what kind of cracker use??

Thanks for your help!


unfortunately sw 2006 and even 2007 for xp will probably not run at all on vista. vista is different enough from xp that i expect many apps made for xp will not run correctly.

solidworks has a prerelease version of 2007 for vista available for download. but even that has a major issue: the video drivers from ati and nvidia do not have good hardware opengl performance. this means solidworks and all other cad apps that use opengl will draw things on screen much more slowly on vista than xp.

You need SolidWorks 07 Service Pack 3.0 or better yet just wait for SW 08 its gotta a totally new UI…supposed to be kickass!

Thanks guys!

I’ve trying to find the service pack 3.0, but I don’t find the update. Any suggestion about where Can I find?


You have to sign up for the early visibility program to get the newest Vista compatible version of SW 2007. You can do this through the SolidWorks website.

Hi Again,

I download the upload for vista, but when I try to run it, nothing happens…If someone has some suggestions about the correct installation would be great…

I suggest switching to XP pro SP2

Same issue on 64 bit XP systems. Open GL and the Photoworks does not work…and gives the Program Error message at every startup. Graphics card is certified, and Desault has said “We are aware of the issue, and it will be resolved with 2008”… Great customer support…