Solid Thinking...Anyone using it?

I have inherited a copy of Solid Thinking here at work due to someone leaving the business. I was wondering if anyone has used it and if it was worth installing. I have seen a demo and did not really get the purpose but have never had any real experience with it. What do all of yo think.

Anyone??? Is anyone out there using this?

While I am not using SolidThinking, I’ve had a live demonstration of it. But I haven’t seen enough or tried it enough to really judge for myself, if you’ve got a copy right there though it’s definitely worth installing!

It’s also got some cool things going for it, basically it’s a little like Alias or Rhino but it’s got a fully featured history tree. It’s worth checking out, let us know your findings! :slight_smile:

The “Solidthinking 8 in action” move on their website was one of the most impressive things I’ve seen when it comes to 3D modelling:

However, I wonder how intuitive the tools are (it looked like the editing results were view angle dependant?) and how precise control they offer (they seem to handle seamless surface transitions very well, but I’m guessing no Class A surfaces)?

Unfortunately, they label their student version only as “affordable” and not free, so I doubt I’ll get to try it.

Yeah, that’s true, I think it can be used for class-a but it’s not really geared towards that.

I sat through about an hour long demo of the software at conference, at first glance it seemed almost unbelievable at the ease and speed of the software… Combining Solidworks with Rhino basically…I have yet to try it but have heard some mixed reviews of it…

Thanks guys for the responses. I have not had a chance to load the copy I have on to my machine. The copy I have is pretty old maybe 4 years so obviously it is not the same as what it is now, but if it looks like something that we can use then we can alway upgrade.

Whoa…surface modeling with a history tree? Sounds like a good idea where the execution isn’t perfected yet.

It sits at about 40/60 between Solidworks and Rhino. It is a fully parametric modeling system. But compared to SW history system it is a little “different”. Surfacing wise, it’s on Rhinos level with some great surfacing tools. It also has Sub-d modeling capabilities if that is a “Bell and Whistle” that peaks your interest.

It does not have a drawing side, at least not in ST7, maybe in 8, will have to see. They have also added in the “Bone Growing” side of things to give an “organic” feel to things. Take that with a grain of salt for the designs that they are showing, a Motor cycle or a Stadium of some sort, were done through this method. IMO, if they added “Nature” to it and save have grass, leaves, Trees, Fur…whatever you can think of that grows organically, THAT would be worth somethings. I can’t think of the last time I was inspired or looked towards “Bone” as a design starting point.

Keep in mind there are no Assemblies to speak of, but you can still model things separately and have parametirc dims to drive the model. In all 3 programs the same geometry can be made, it just a question at this point of personal preference.

Hope this helps…