Solid Models from Images

Could someone advise me what solid modeling software application could best be used in connection with modeling and/or reverse engineering developed from underlying imported images of mechanical parts. including race car bodies and especially tube frames. I also need to be able to do the same with fabricated metal store fixtures. I’m contemplating the purchase of Rhino, solidThinking or maybe even Solidworks. I also have access to formZ but I am just in the tutorial stage and it seems like a steep learning curve and if I need to spend a lot of learning time I want to spend it on the appropriate software. I have both fast PC’s and Macs however my 3d experience to date is with Architectural stuff using ArchiCAD.

Thanks in advance


You can get blueprints from the sites above. Do a search online for tutorials called “box modelling a car”. It’s a technique where you set up a rectangular box and apply an image of the car you want to model to each side. Top view on top, front view on the front, etc. You then create and manipulate shapes to match the body panelling according to the images. I’ve seen this done in 3D Studio with unbeleivable results.

You could easily apply this to other applications to reverse engineer your models.

Hope this helps.