Solid-edge surfaces modelling

Hello, I’ working for a European motorhome company, we have been using Pro/e since 1996 and our headquarter is thinking to move to solid-edge for reason that I can’t tell now because is a long story.
We work with tree different aspect of design:

  • Furniture
  • Carpentry
  • Cabins , dashboards.

I’ve seen some solid-edge test and I think it’s nice for forniture and carpentery and I’ve doubt for cabins , dashboards with complex geometry. I’m specialized in design and surface-modeling, so I’m quite worry for moving to solid-edge.
Do you have some similar experience?
How solid-edge works with complex geometry, and with the geometry associatively ?

Thanks in advance.



Any help would greatly appreciated…



I have never used Solid-Edge, but remembered a thread a while back on productdesignforums where this guy picked SE over any others for his business, after through evaluation.

As you can see, one of his points was “Best in class surface modeling”. I’m sure you can dig around on his blog or forums to find more info, or just mail the guy.