Solestice Wrap

This was a project I did for a class at uni. It was inspired by streetwear fashion and intended to be for the sport leisure market. There are also a few cues from popular sneakers of the past. I just finished my first year and I would very much appreciate any comments.

Thank you.

Hey man good job. Being that it is your first year I’d say you have a good headstart. I think with something like this comments can tend to be fairly subjective. One thing I would say though is to work on your story a little more in the future. This is something I constantly struggle with and I’m sure others do as well. It seems like you have a strong theme with the “solestice wrap” name… but what about your particular story is new or fresh? Is it perhaps that you stuck a support strap system on a skater-type shoe? Maybe this is the first time its been done (doubt it) but if it is, what part of your story requires it and how does it play a part in the overall picture. For example, maybe its as simple as presenting a case about urban youngsters and their ankle injuries. maybe the support is for peeps that like to do a little urban freestyle walking etc. I guess maybe it would be helpful to be more specific and give an obvious reason for the final design. Once you figure out the story the design will come together more logically to you and to others. Good stuff!

jm745 - Thanks a lot for your suggestions. As for why my story was so limited, I wanted to allow the design to kind of talk for itself. I feel like I often say too much and it overshadows the design itself. I guess there is a middle ground that I have to find to show my thought behind the design, but still allow people to create their own reaction and ideas about the project.

The design started off attempting to reinvent a shoe similar to the AJ III and the Air Trainer I. I think the reason why people still look to those shoes as cult classics is because of the details and design sensibility that Tinker Hatfield put into those designs. I also wanted to approach the challenge from a different angle, sport leisure, as opposed to the intended uses Tinker was trying to accommodate. As I said, it was for a drawing class, so I feel projects in the future will get more in depth with research and development.

Yeah for sure man…like I said, its tough stuff this design business…It will be a lifelong pursuit to keep adjusting and learning for us all. Sounds like its something you’re passionate about so keep it goin.

I am glad that you didn’t initially post your full explanation b/c JM745 made a good point with his/her un-influenced initial observations, noticing the “skater” aspect. I see this, as well, and I think it could be an interesting market, mixing the Air with “skater” designs…I also see a little bit of Timbs in there. Practical and cool.

Your idea was apparently convincing enough to make me wish that the guy with the spray can could actually have them. I think he would buy them :slight_smile:

How much functionality does the wrap part have, and what materials are used here?

Thanks for the comments Lorelli. The opening is actually has nothing to do with Nike Air. It is an opening that allows the strap to wrap through the midsole. The materials used at the strap would be leather or rubber on the exterior and a mesh/nylon on the inner parts to avoid damage when the strap rubbers against the opening. The two parts would velcro together at the top. I think it would function fairly well, locking down the foot within the shoe. I also anticipated the wearer, not using the strap for a different style, where the metal clip at the side would hold the strap from dragging.

Like JM said, great start!

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