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Hello There,
Anyone who’ve read my previous threads knows that I’m quite new in the ShoeWorld,
so please excuse my questions if they are obvious to most of you…
After studding Leather, now it’s the Soles turn…

What are the most commonly used materials for soles (outsoles), to which style each is used (evening shoes, casual shoes, sports shoes etc.), how can I visually recognize each when I look at a product, what are the characteristics of each (for better or worst) and what are the costs of each… more or less of course.

Hoping for any help you have to offer!

a quick response/ has some information could be helpful

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What an Excellent website, ok it may be pretty simple and scholar like, but for all the newbies starting out in the footwear industry this should answer ALOT of questions they are either too afraid to ask through fear of sounding stupid, or as a simple point of reference for project briefs…

ADMIN / Micky D- any chance we can stick this site up as a sticky in the footwear forum?


A little rhyme to help as well…

if its made of plastic and its on a shoe - chances are its TPU.

Thanks Dygitalvision!
And from my personal experience I very much agree with TOMfoolery - this site really helps in finding info about all issues I was always embarrassed to ask about…
Hoping you’ll keep your promise for more info soon! :stuck_out_tongue:

or PVC if it looks Cheap-ee.


sorry im not much of a poet

i was work in children shoes factory in china,so
as far as i know that the outsole’s material is
PU injetion and PVC injection outsole and
TPR material some if EVA,and so on,
if u want to know more ,pls add my

If you’re working on ladies fashion shoes, the most popular outsole material is tunit. This is a sheet, you don’t tend to get so many molds on womens fashion footwear. More expensive shoes use leather for their outsoles, sometimes with nubuck, fleshtoned leather outsoles for summer sandals.