sole collector magazine

anybody seen the latest isue of sole collector:

This issue is dedicated to Jordans and feature behind the scenes interviews and a lot of development sketches on the XX.

It’s a good mag to pick up, they do a lot of designer interviews with people from all different companies and regularly feature sketches and renderings.

where can i pick pick that up in nyc ?

in mean time-yo when you get a sec could you scan the drawings in from the mag and post it-


yo should be able to find it at a borders book store, i bought the 1st edition off the web when it first dropped decided not to go with the subcription.

I really want a copy of that mag or a subsription but there aren’t selling any in Montreal, and the shipping price is way too much

In NYC…try classic kicks on elizabeth…the last I checked they were waiting for a shipment…take the F train to broadway-lafayette…or you could take the 6 train to bleeker. Also try Virgin megastore…they used to carry them but I don’t know if they still do.

cool- will do

i just purchased alot of mags at barnes n noble at 14th street union sq.

there is a nice magazine spot in soho-will find location and post

I picked up a copy yesterday at classic kicks…they finally got the shipment. The cover sez 8.95 but they charged me $15 so perpare to get “mugged” by them. You might want to check virgin megastore first if you have the time I didn’t so I had to pay extra. Also have have the limited edition mag for $20.

If you want the mag mainly for the sketches you may be disappointed… there aren’t many in it.

it is also at Barnes and Noble now… for the cover price…

will check tht-I really wanted it for the skecthes tho-


except for yo-and a couple others online (have to dig for them) and some at wrk–but we need more !!!