Sole Collector Jordan XXII Issue

For all those who do not subscribe or have not seen the Jordan XXII issue of the Sole Collector magazine you should pick it up or go to your local book store and read it. It has a great article that interviews several designers from Jordan Brand. One of the designers just happens to be Michael “YO” DiTullo. It is a really great article filled with some really good advice for any aspiring footwear designers.

YO - I loved the article and appreciated all you guys had to say. I was really inspired by Suzette Henri’s interview and intrigued by what she does. I am using her job as inspiration for my next design. Oh and by the way congrats on the Converse gig!


Thanks Paul_

I’m glad you found the article helpful! I will pass this along to Jason, Oc, Kim, and Suzette.

I have it, it is really interesting. The fact that they interviewed all the Jordan Brand designers makes it even more special, it’s a Must for aspiring foowear designers. I was always wondering how do they look like?? are they really different? the answer is from my point of view NO, they seems so cool and they enjoy their job period. I just wish i could be part of that team :slight_smile: that will be awesome. :slight_smile:

I posted the roundtable discussion and interview on my site… finally had a second to scan them in…

Hi Michael!! Just wanna Buzzzzzzzzz you :smiley: