Software's in House (PD)

have been familiar with words like. solidworks, rhino, pro-e…
i would like to ahve some information regarding CATEIA…
just know that it was developed by France for their MIG’s
please share the knowledge if any abt it.

USer Friendly?

Related to other Softwares?

What is a Traingin Process?

and how important is it for Product Designers?

France built MIGs? Wow, another cold war secret that the CIA never figured out.

Anyways…Catia is from Dassault, the same company that makes SolidWorks. I’ve talked to people that have used both, although I only have experience with SolidWorks. Catia appears to be better at large assemblies (airplanes?), and has more advanced analysis tools for engineering. It is used widely in aircraft engineering and automobiles. I’ve never heard of a designer outside autos that ever used it.