software used in illustrations?

Alright guys. I’m new to this level of design… i’m considering going into a related field, but for the meantime i just enjoy designing and would like to enter some contests. What software is used for most professional level illustrations? ie popular science magazine… also, can you give me aproximate prices in US $

There are several applications that are industry standard (Adobe: Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.) but there are others that many use as well (freehand, fireworks, corel draw.)

There are several 3D applications. (Maya, 3D studio max… and tons more.)

My suggestion is to look at the job boards in the field you are interested in. Many times they list the applications and level of proficiency.


I only recently started using Corel for illustration stuff and i find it pretty good (ok, i am not a pro…). Some others use Illustrator and they find it (and it might be) better once it is more compatible with Photoshop and other Adobe software.

Experiment and use the one you feel more confortable to work with. :sunglasses: