Software that helps track referrals and commissions?

We are building a website that needs to track referrals and commissions owed so referral partners can log in and see the progress. The referral partner would log-in to the website recommend a person to be called. The referral needs to be tracked in the system. The sale will be made offline by a sales team however when a sale is made the team will add this to the website so it shows the commission owing to the referral partner. It will need to show commissions owing and commissions paid. I hope that makes sense.

Basically when a referral partner logs in they should be able to see the referrals given, the commissions outstanding and the commissions paid.

Does anyone know good web software that would do this. We are using Wordpress for the website at the moment but don’t need to if there is a better system out there.

Hopefully someone can help.