software suggestions needed for product design rendering

Hi guys,
Too many options for me, Keyshot, v-ray, Cinema4d,maya,luxrender…
What u guys use in product design rendering? Can someone compare their advantages and disadvantages in rendering? Thank you!

I use Keyshot. There are generally three camps of products: Simpler stand alone rendering packages (Keyshot, Shot, Showcase/Vred), more complex full up animation/modeling packages like Maya, C4D, Modo, and standalone engines (which generally require one of the previous tools) like Maxwell, Vray, etc.

The tradeoffs are going to be flexiblity and speed vs capability. Most people like tools like Keyshot because they give you 90% of the results in 10% of the time. But it has limitations. For example, what are you rendering? Keyshot is great for products, but not if you’re trying to render out a building or architectural space. Vray, which is a popular plugin (usually with 3DS Max) will give great internal global illumination for interior spaces, but you will be creating most of your shaders from scratch.

So ask yourself the questions:

-What do I want to render
-How much time do I have to work on renderings
-How much time do I want to spend learning the software?

That will probably help narrow down your selection since no one tool will do it all.

I was a Vray advocate for ages, but I’ve completely switched over to Shot in the last year. While I still think Vray is capable of producing better images, the slight lack of polish in Shot is far outweighed by its incredible speed, especially if you have a capable graphics card/cpu combo. For most projects I crank out half a dozen Shot images in the time it used to take me to get one out of Vray.

Thank you guys, after referece from your point fo view and my personal research, I decide to choose the keyshot as my first choice