Software Suggestions needed for design concept

Hello everyone,

I’m interested in designing a mug in 3D in which later I will create via a 3D printer.

Any suggestions on which software I could use from Adobe CS5? I know PS has 3D capabilities , but not sure if this is a good place to start. I also was thinking if Google’s sketchUp would be a good tool to use for this project.

Any thoughts or suggestions / tutorials would be really helpful. Thanks!

Nothing in CS… you need a “Solid” model. SketchUp Pro (the one you have to pay for) does have some exporting features and tools specifically for 3D printing. Otherwise, your standards of Rhino or Solidworks/Inventor are your best bet.

You can also download plug-ins for the free version of SketchUp which allow you to export to .stl (the file format needed for 3D printing)

I recently created a simple model and had it 3D printed from Blender. I know it’s not the best for products but I think it’s a nice stepping stone to learning 3D, at least I hope so. Any thoughts on Blender?

Any thoughts on Blender?

A great free soft package for 3d entertainment, CG & VFX. … it’s free!!

A lot of patience needed for ID or something more related to “production” issues.

In ID? maybe very useful in concept stages after sketching or in parallel to the sketching phase. (to iterate the concepts).

Thank you all. This is all great. I will give these a try.

Just head over the the Rhino 3D page and download the 30 day trial. They also include some digital training exercises to help learn the software and is cheap to buy if you decide to go that route. Otherwise, for a free program, I’d try Blender.