Software requirments

What do you do when you read a job description that fits perfect…until you get to the “must know xxxx” and for example you know SW instead of IV or what ever?
Do you even bother to apply? I find it frustrating that jobs have become so tightly specified that it seems to eliminate excellent candidates based on not knowing a specific piece of software.


If you have skill sets that apply and are only missing one or two items on there list, of course apply. Unless you feel that you have no ability to learn and grow…

Let the company decide if you are not a 100% fit. Unless it is a show stopper… i.e last time i was hiring we had two main things

  1. we would not provide sponsorship’s for work visas
  2. there was no relocation

The number of people would apply that required sponsorship’s was unbelievable but i guess they thought we would change our minds if they were the right person…