software monopoly?

I just want to let you all know what’s happening

I was looking to buy a software and was about to buy from one of those big and expensive sites, but then i dsicovered a site at
I first thought it’s gonna be some kind of a demo or what, but when i ordered and got the software it was just the full functioning software, exactly the same that i was about to pay way higher!

now, can anyone tell me what a big monopoly is going on there? These big stores are selling the same software for multiply-time expensive! Is this some sort of special politic to keep the prices high? Shouldn’t we all say “NO” to this kind of monopolization?

I hate spam :neutral_face:

It’s also not what it seems.

This software is recognized as a backup software.

That means they don’t provide anything more than what you can do with your CD burner. Any registration keys they provide are illegal.

This part makes it especially confusing:

You get the CD(s) with the software in an envelope. You also get the activation key, serial number or CD key necessary to activate the software.

Until you realize they’re giving out their own number. Or a setup crack. Of course this would be illegal in most of the world. Probably isn’t illegal in…

The software is shipped from Eastern Europe.

And btw, that credit card number you provide is probably sold on the black market. Core should do more to keep this kind of post off the forum. Besides promoting something illegal in most places, it’s dangerous. There’s no telling what else you get with that software. Someone who puts out this kind of effort to profit (at extreme margins, btw) is someone I would expect to embed malicious code in their warez. So if you do any banking over the internet or make online purchases, and you’ve purchased stuff like this, you’ve been warned.

I recommend people consider the free options on the Software List. I’ve been moving away from much of the software listed on that site.