Software for the outdoor apparel industry?

What are you using in the outdoor apparel industry (coats, gloves, shoes/boots, bags) besides AI and PS?

So far Illustrator has been fine, but I’d like to know if there’s something out there more efficient (like making changes to one drawing to update an entire tech pack instead of having to update each drawing individually) or more inclusive (creating patterns, and determining yields).

for me…

PhotoshopCS4 and IllustratorCS4

haven’t found anything better, and I regularly test out new software to see if it will fit into my design process to make things better/more efficient

Hmmm. That’s what I was afraid of. Thanks though.

there definitely is. my sis works for adidas doing productin/pattern making so i’ll find out what they use there.

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to streamline my production drawing process, I create everything on one giant drawing, making copies and changes all on one page. from there I’ll SaveAs separate pages in the active crop box, so all of my other drawings are still ‘hidden’ until I save them to PDF/Jpeg

there are times where if I forgot to add a stitch detail last minute, I will have to go back and manually add the said detail to all of the individual pages.

I can’t imagine a way around this.

it’s like film making-- if you forgot to add a Coke on the table for continuity’s sake, you can either reshoot the whole scene, or digitally add the Coke to each frame later— an abstract metaphor at best

Yeah, I often have the artwork sheet, spec sheet the entire palette and if I’m working on, say a kids project that has a dozen or so different icons in it, I have them, too, all hidden in different layers. Just switch on the noes you need and switch off the ones you don’t. Saves you lots of c+p. Some companies I work with prefer to export the design and plonk it into a sec sheet which has been generated in excel. Can sometimes be quicker for spec writing, not something I favour but i know some do.

Thanks for checking esef.

Thanks for the suggestions TaylorWeldon and shoenista. Right now i do a tech file, reduce the complexity and save it as a material map, then save it as a colorway file, then do individual detail drawings, which seems to go along rather well. I’ve gotten to a point where I’m used to the redundancy, but there are times that I’d rather slit my wrists, especially after sample revisions or changes in direction where I need to make the same changes to 5 different files for 10 different products. I guess what I’m looking for is something similar to CSS, where if you make a change to one page, you change them all.

It could be that my methods are unrefined. Maybe I need to go back and give the layer thing another try…

Kind of related…

I do a lot of design work for my local Boy Scout council and this entails posters, T-Shirts, and now patches. I am currently doing a patch design that will amount to a small run (less than 50 qty) but the people that make the patch are wanting to ding us $150.00 just to convert my vector eps file into a dst file for stitching.

Does anybody know of a way around this? It seems silly to me that a file conversion should cost anything let alone $150.00. But then again, I’ve never done it myself so I hesitate to rush too quickly to judgement.

You can get your text, logo or any graphic digitized at Embroidery Designs Shop. i heard it costs like $10