Software for making flow-diagrams?

In my A-level project, I need to make a couple of flow-diagrams outlining distribution and manufacturing processes. Drawing them out by hand is time-consuming, and its too easy to make mistakes!

Using microsoft word is WAY too clumsy! I’ve tried photoshop, but it takes way too long.

Would illustrator be a better program to try? Or are there any other programs out there?

Illustrator would be easy, also Microsoft Visio is a program specifically made for flow diagrams.

I would use illustrator if you already have it. There are a lot of other programs out there geared for the business world that do flow charts but they always tend to have that template, powerpoint bubble look to them.

With Illustrator you can design whatever you want.

If you have access to a recent (past 3 years or so) mac there is a program that comes with the powermac/book computers called omni graffle which makes very clean flow diagrams. Its got a very minimal and simple interface and works quite well.

thanks everyone! i’ll have a go with illustrator…adobe studio may already have some templates to use too!

If they’re complex, go with Visio, not Illustrator. ESPECIALLY if you’re not already fluent in Illustrator… Visio is much faster to pick up.

Trust me, I’ve used both. Visio can do a bunch of magic tricks when it comes to adding-to and modifying nodes, including auto-routing the connectors, adding the arrowheads in the right place etc.

It’s not hard to get Visio to look just as good as something you’d create by hand in Illustrator.

found a program called “smartDraw” that’s really easy to use! Only a 30-day trial though, and my project is due in 20 days … suits me! :slight_smile:

bet there’s open-source available. anyone know? could add it to the list.

Visio is, for me, the far superior (read that easier to learn, faster, and cleaner) program for this specific application.