Software for Graphic, Industrial, Arch-Interior, Photo Desgn


Wondering if anyone has any reccomendations on relatively cheap software for graphic and industrial design that would be usefull as a hobby and for future job applications.

Currently being schooled on ACAD but the course ( Architectural Drafting )goes no further than this program, so something basic and user friendly.

Really just looking for an affordable program to display idea’s that might help out down the road.


Are you a student? If so just get a copy of Adobe Creative Suite and Google Sketchup. Should be able to purchase both for around $500 at educational prices.

Adobe software is the industry standard. While you might be able to get away with using other cheap/free programs like Paint Shop or Gimp they aren’t going to look very positive on a resume. Sketchup is great and it’s cheap, so that one is a good base for quick 3d and interior stuff.

Unfortunately nothing about design software is very cheap. At least if you have an academic discount you won’t have to pay $6,000 for a seat of CAD software.

Perfect, thanks alot.

I am a student and were getting the CAD software for free while were studying. Ill check out the other 2 and go from there.

Again thanks.