Would it be possible to open soft goods discussion area separate from footwear? It would be nice to see a discrete area for the discussion of softgoods, since the current thread is completely monopolized by footwear. Hopefully by giving softgoods some space it might will stimulate more discussion on then topic.



I find there is little to no discussion on softgoods in the primarily dominant footwear forum.

If there is enough interest and activity to support a softgoods specific forum, I’m all for it, but if I personally wonder if there won’t be enough within the specific niche. I’m curious.

I think we have a lot of under used topics as it is. Would love to see more people talking about softgoods… in the footwear and softgoods forum. Step it up. If the volume blows us away, then we can talk about it further. If we had an area for every facet of design we would just be talking to ourselves. Mixing it up provides more opportunities for cross pollination. Last week we actually combined some of the forums, Green + Designers Accord, Innovation + Research.

agreed. if topics are not busy, it’s not a reason to split them off. they don’t get any more content that way. rather the opposite is true. if a topic (or subtopic) is busy then it can get it’s own forum, such as what we’ve done with branding and packaging design.