Softgoods - Marvelous Designer

Has anyone had experience using this software? I’ve noticed it seems to be focused towards the gaming industry but was wondering if there was any experience out there using the 2D patterns for production/mockup purposes.



Never heard of it, but def going to give it a closer look. Thanks for the link!

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Thanks for the reminder! I’ve been meaning to download the 15 day Trial for the last couple of months.

I’ve been seeing more great examples (mainly student work) of ID softgoods projects using Marvelous

Been tinkering a bit with it, and will probably show it to our design technicians.

So far, it looks like it wouldn’t be a super effective tool for patternmaking. Everything is sewn edge to edge, etc. But i’ll keep tinkering, it was a fun alternative to illustrator.

Whats the difference between Clo3d and MD? Seems identical.

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Nice review, thanks Keno! I think this guy also uses MD for his designs:

Marvelous is very advanced and great for fashion visualization.
For simpler textile simulations however, you can use 3DS Max’ Cloth modifier for draping functions so it allows designers to do curtains, table cloths, vehicle reveals etc. Count on 4-8 hours CPU time per simulation.

Yes I use it. Last versions are really powerful. By the way cloth simulation is not perfect. I use it for game development, my wife is fashion designer and she uses it to design real clothes. While I’m trying to design for example dress I design it so it will be perfect when simulated in the software to transfer the mesh to 3ds max. And sometimes it forces me to create rather strange patterns, while my wife makes more “traditional” patterns which suits real people while on avatar it doesn’t look perfect. I mean yes it does fit the avatar, but doesn’t look natural at all.

You have to play a bit with the thickness, mesh resolution, gravity and stretch percentages - it does not translate 1 on 1 to actual fabric but with some exploration you can reach pretty good results!

Thanks for resurrecting this one! I’m not in a different role that is even more fashion centric. I may dabble in Clo3D and see what it can do