soft touch paint

Hi, does anybody know a paint that once sprayed gives a slight rubberised texture? I know that it is an overcoat rather than a tint.

Morv :smiley:

get a respirator
put it on

mix bestine and plasti-dip

run it through a paintgun or airbrush

hide from the EPA

…or buy plasti dip in a spray can.

For model making - plasti dip color selection is somewhat limited. If you need a specific color, spraypaint the part first and then apply clear plasti dip…

thank you guys

Check out alsa, they have a rubber texture paint, goes on with an automotive sprayer. They have may very cool paint products.

check your local industrial paint supplier for a PPG product called Velvacron (spelling may not be correct). Its a clear top coat used in the auto industry.