Soft Touch on Dualit Toaster

Anyone know the specific name/source of the soft touch used on this Dualit toaster?

Same question for this 6-way opener I found at Crate & Barrel…probably the same stuff.

I’m trying to find a vendor, and more info on the application process (overmold, spray on, etc)


Without actually touching it, it’s hard to say what material it is.
Santoprene, Krayton, Urethane (but probably not).

If it’s overmolded, try GLS, I know that they sell a lot of resin.
For the toaster, it would have to be fairly heat resistant… maybe some type of slicone…

that’s a cool looking toaster.

I guess I should say that I also know that it’s really durable…and doesn’t scratch or rub off easily like your “run of the mill” spray-on soft touch (i.e. santoprene)

We call it soft-spray. Not sure if it is an indutry standard.

I’ve found some possible vendors like Alsa and Dupont, but wondered if anyone knew for sure what the above products were using…


My guess is that it isn’t sprayed on at all. That seems like a hard process to control in large scale production. It’s probably injection molded.

If you’re looking to re-create this for a molelmaking exercise, that’s one thing, but for production, I’d look into moilding it.

no - it is actually still used. Some places dont have co-molding or insert molding capability but are very good at masking and painting areas. Softspray is a great option for them

soft touch paint. it is pretty awesome and very comonly used. it’s very durable too. can’t give any specific names of suppliers.

the black on this design is “soft touch”

Basically any big paint manufacturer offers soft touch paint, like DuPont - check
or Mankiewicz Mankiewicz: Coating systems for industrial series production , etc…

we use the Mankiewicz Alexit soft coat on a few of our parts. Its nice stuff but you need to find a good spray shop to work with it as I’ve had disiponting results from certain spray shops.

It comes in clear, very soft, or pigimented, which isn’t as soft…more like a slight lether feel.

Mankiewicz say its passed all the automotive requirments for durablity.