Soft-modding Gefore to Quadro card

So everyone knows that the gaming and workstation cards are essentially the same in terms of hardware… only difference is the software and drivers and the insane price tags on workstation models. So, was doing a little research and stumbled upon this site which discusses soft-modding an 8800 GTS into a FX 4600 (If this is true, it’s essentially like turning a $300 card into a $1500, for free)

I’ve known of people to successfully soft mod a 6800 GT into an FX 4000, and saw real world FX 4000 performance, though I’d heard that the 7 and 8 series Nvidia cards aren’t soft-modable and you won’t see any real difference in performance.

Anyone have any experience with soft-modding a 7series or 8series Nvidia card successfully?

Interesting - my understanding was also that soft modding was killed with the introduction of the 7 series. I’m wondering if that has just been worked around with the newest version of Rivatuner. At the same time theres so few people who even try these mods that if someone did figure it out, people may still be going by the old info.

I really can’t tell you for sure. If I had to take my best guess based on everything I’ve read - even if you soft mod your 7/8/9 series card, Windows will REPORT it as a Quadro in name only, and you will not be able to install the Quadro drivers properly. The card I run (7950GX2) doesn’t have a direct Quadro counterpart so I couldn’t test it to tell you.

With that said if you run a CAD app that runs fine with a gaming card (Rhino and Solidworks both are very gaming-card friendly) then you won’t see much of a difference by switching drivers. The biggest advantage tends to come from features that don’t work properly on a gaming card (Ex. some of the high end Alias Studio hardware shade features like transparency and glowing do not work on a gaming card).