Soft Goods/ Bag prototyping in US

Hi Everyone,
I’m currently working for a case and bag company and we need some one that can translate our softgoods concepts accurately into a sample prototype. Does anyone know here of a capable soft good and bag prototyper here in the US?

Thank you For your help!

I’ll second that, I’ve been looking for a prototype bag manufacturer her in the UK. Only one I’ve found is:

not sure they can do very high quality stuff though.

I’m looking for the same thing and I’m not coming up with much.

A luggage repair shop will make prototypes.

I get prototypes from a company that sews industrial filters.

All you need is a seamstress.

good tip!

Trash Bags in Minneapolis makes custom bags out of almost anything. Might be worth asking.

Cool tip about the luggage shop, never thought of it. Along those lines, an awning/banner shop might be of help, too.

At some companies I have worked at we have used these guys out of Montana. They are fantastic at patterning and first protos.

Drop me an email, this is exactly what I specialize in :wink:

Hi all,
Thank you for the help.
plenty of resources here for me to look at and people to get in touch with :slight_smile:
should be able to figure something out from here .

Check my website. I’m near West Bend, WI.
I’ve been making prototypes for over 30 years.

Please take a look at my website.
I’d love to work with you on whatever design/prototyping needs you have. Over 30 years experience.