Hey, I am trying to put together a line of fasion design for a fasion show but Im not a fashion designer. Im a graphic designer, which means that all of the things im working on are more about designs on the clothing as opposed to created clothing (ie. screen printed shirts). I got really stuck when it came to an Idea for a pair of socks. I doubt I could screen print them. Is it possible to get them embroidered? it seems that with argyle socks, the pattern is sewn right into the actuall structure of the sock. Is this possible? Can I get a factory to make me a small run (50 pairs)? What are my options?

50 pairs of socks from a manuacturer is probably not going to happen.

Have you tried to locate a custom embroidery shop near you. Typically these shops do caps, dress shirts, golf shirts, etc. Short runs.

I just googled ‘custom embroidery’ and came up with this one … there were many more pages of them.

Most socks are knitted using a funky looking knitting machine. Patterns can be incorporated into the knitting socks as with any knitting processess.
I saw the machine in Tilberg Holland, but do not know of a place in the US.

You could have them knit by hand, and maybe it wouldn’t cost too much. Since knitting is a big thing now, maybe the place to start is with a local knitting club.
My guess is that you will find someone more than happy to help.

Good luck!