sock Manufacturer?

I am looking to have a sock-like product made. Think belaclava… a sock with a hole in it.

Are you shopping on price? What fabric are you using?

For some reason I cannot PM you. But I have a contact for you, for this.

You mean like a leg warmer, but with inefficient warming?

Exactly. Mash up a leg warmer with a belaclava.

Apparently my inbox was full. To make matters worse, I noticed my email was an old one.

All is good now.

I might have some contacts. I know a bunch of people who have done sportswear like socks, in both Euro and Asia ftys. PM me and I’ll see if I can get more info with further info on your project (ie. qty, material, etc.)


After seeing soo much of it in DC, it strikes me that it could be some kind of Obama paraphernalia… someone selling this as a hat or some kind of socks would have sold a bunch at the inauguration :wink:

I am looking forward to the advertising hype for your new line of holy socks.