Social Network

(hindsight: I now realize that this has been a long and boring post, and for those that do not want to read it all here is a summary. I wanted to build a certain social network and frusturated by Ning, I am asking for help. Has anybody done a similar thing and can suggest a way of building a social network?)
For the last few months I was trying to build a social network for a certian professional group using Ning. At first ning seemed to be a great choice. I opened an account made some simple modifications. I had designed some features and it would be great if could be done. Afterwards I could not find time and money to realize the features in my mind. Recently I spared some time and money to the project and started searching for people that can do it. First some local company could not help. I than noticed a feature of ning that they build a network for me. I applied and they wrote an e-mail and than did not answer my second mail. Later I contacted one of my clients in an European country, they had experience in building such networks with Ning. We discussed the details and later they asked me to get the sourcecode from Ning, as they had done in a previous project. Ning representer said they do not provide it and asked if I am still intersted in building a network they can help. Than we had some e-mail traffic. In each e-mail the writer knows only my last mail and has no idea what is going on. They keep on telling same nonsense stuff. I am completely frusturated and will probably cancel my account.

If anyone has built a social network using other tools, please share your experience with me. What is the best way of doing it? Can wordpress or other stuff do it?