Social Distancing: What are you working on?

Anyone else at home making some stuff while social distancing?

On top of the Social Distancing recommendations it snowed for the first time this year in Portland which always shuts the town down.

A little Space Invader coffee table I’ve been cooking up in between things today.

Portfolio website revisions!
Lots of chill CAD work.

Working on setting up the home office for freelance and design work, computer build, cleaning, business identity, keeping the peace between 3 weeks of confinement with the kids and wife.

Trying to get a home office setup in the basement, something I have wanted to do for a while now! Luckily we live near all of the contract furniture makers and their factory stores are not closed (yet).

A little something from today:

Nice concept. But the top of the pump is filthy. Auto-dispense? The power to do so then can drive the timer.

Maybe, but after touching, YOU ARE W A S H I N G YOUR HANDS.
Easier to sing two verses of Happy Birthday. Works anywhere.

Iab, certainly could do an all electric version. I was keeping it analog cheap and cheerful for home use. An electric version would be preferred for out of home situations for sure.

Dan, the happy birthday method certainly works for me. It seems like a lot of people struggle with it though which is where this came from… maybe this wouldn’t help them either. It could be fun for kids at home and maybe influence them. My nephew has a toothbrush with a blinking light and he knows to keep brushing until the light goes off. When I switched to a toothbrush that pulsed it certainly helped me.

OK. And now I am going in way too deep for a preliminary concept, but you did render it, so it looks “real” to us regular people :wink:. How does the little ball go up?

And Dan, your hands are clean if you are 100% compliant to washing, dependent on human behavior. On the other hand, the top of that dispenser will be 100% a hot spot irregardless of human behavior. Yeah, I am splitting hairs. :slight_smile:

Wait - Does it matter if the top of the pump is dirty if after you use it you’re washing your hands?

Top of the pump needs a windscreen washer -type spray.

Soap should be mixed in-line with the outflow water spigot, like a car washing wand.

What are you guys working on? Post some stuff. :slight_smile:


You really want to see an SOP on testing protocols? :stuck_out_tongue:

And actually, that and any fun stuff is under NDA. :frowning:

On a side note, my nephew is proposing in June. I am making a soapstone box to hold the ring. I am still in the process of discovering the statue in the stone.

I will post pics when complete.

What a great project!

suds on the brains for a lot of us :wink:

Fascinating how new this concept is to people.

Other than the soap sketches, I’m brushing up the ol’ portfolio. Seems likely that layoffs are coming soon.
Fingers crossed, but let me know if you’re aware of anyone hiring.

I remember these: