SoCal enthusiasts ? Come in. Let's do art

Hey everyone, I figured it’s a pretty large community and worth tapping into to find some good like-minded people.

I live in San Diego and do, well, design. The problem is I have a zillion interests and ideas, but not enough knowledge and time for all of them;

I hope to find people (anywhere in the world actually, it’s not a big problem anymore) with similar taste and interests. It’s a kind of a public offer here.

Here’s a brief description of what I’m talking about. I have a clothing brand, called Volga Verdi (, that I am planning to be using as a basement for various art/design projects, that supposedly will kill two birds with one stone: promote the brand and make art, with the latter being the leading idea, not the opposite. It’s not a commercial-art-type of thing, but kind of “making great art will inevitably make the artist famous”.

What I am offering:
Primarily creative, but also PR+networking, photo, capital, time and other resources.

What I am looking for:
People with the common interests (and ideally unique resources)

I am interested in
All fields of art (including any unconventional forms, street performance, flashmobs etc), Film, Motion graphics, interactive things, digital social web projects, even Architecture. Non-commercial preferably, but not necessary.
I am also (obviously) very interested in fashion / clothing design, namely new high-tech fabrics, stuff like fiber-optics fabrics, thermoactive things, etc.

Hoping to get response.
hopefully I didn’t make this too confusing:)

Peter Green .at.

sounds good id be interested in what could be done :slight_smile:

check out my company website at: