(sob) when will it end?



when we completely run out of oil

I saw that on display at the Chicago Auto Show but I was simply horrified at the concept of such a wasteful and pointless vehicle so I didn’t bother to get a close look at it. shakes head in disgust

what r u girls talkin about? that truck is sweet! I want one so I can squish kittens with!

does it have a hemi? I cant read.

Is it a personal vehicle or is it commercial? It looks like a tractor-trailer cab. It might not be all that bad if it were bio-diesel compatible


My local newspaper did an article a month ago about these obnoxious things. I missed the chance to write to the editor while my anger was still fresh. The article read like a press release from the local dealership-not surprising. The favorite example of user satisfaction that the salespeople like to use is that these cars, the Hummer included, is that they turn heads.

Whats important for those who are attracted to these things is that not all heads are turning in awe but in disgust.

Ever see the Movie Brazil?
I think Terry Gilliam had it right…

the human race is garbage. :unamused:

YOu could have been offended earlier. We’ve been discussing this in the transportation forum for about a month now. “Honda Ridgeline my ass…” thread.