Soaking Felt in Epoxy

Has anyone ever attempted anything like this? I was thinking about it in terms of a chair seatpan. Would the epoxy solidify the felt to the point where you could easily sit on it? Is something like this even possible? Any sort of resource or experience would be appreciated.

This is essentially what fiberglass is.

Buut I’d just be using thicker felt fabric? Like something this thick:


I helped a fellow classmate, Mei, do something similar for her chair project. She used much thicker felt. Almost an inch thick. You can check it out on Flikr. It worked fairly well, however it is a pain to do without proper tools. Need to make sure you have good ventilation and a proper jig to hold your felt while it dries. Also using a resin with a longer pot life, helps make sure you can get a good coat over the part before it starts to gel.

Finally depending on what you want to do, your felt needs to be thick enough so it doesn’t saturate all the way through, otherwise you loose the “felt” look. Just get some felt and a small thing of fiberglass epoxy from Home Depot and do a small test piece to see how it feels.



Thanks for the reply! I was thinking of doing a felt seatpan, and then sewing leather on top of it. (Kind of inspired by the hardgraft brand?) Just spitballing some ideas in my head for different and unique material executions.

You would be building a composite structure where the felt fibers are the matrix. The feel of an epoxy soaked felt pad, would be very hard epoxy like, and have very little feel leftover from the felt. It would feel like plywood, likely be as strong as MDF, and look like felt.

For softer feeling, you could try infusing the felt with RTV silicone under vacuum. Maybe. This would give you something of a hybrid softer feel with a fiber binding.

I have done lamination with fiberglass and ionomer, aka Surlyn, very low melting point, flows very nicely under pressure into other materials, sticks to everything, the result is flexible and not stiff. Can find rolls of it sold as pallet wrapping film, easy to experiment with in thin layers of felt, or stacking multiple layers together.

If you are looking to make the felt rigid, but still retain a soft feel, you could soak a single panel of felt in resin and then mold it. Once it has dried, you can then laminate a sheet of un-soaked felt to each side with spray glue. If done well, it could look like a single piece of felt that is rigid, but has soft surfaces.

FYI, in a composite, the fibers are called the reinforcement, and the resin is the matrix.

So from what I’m hearing the felt wouldn’t really be able to be sewn to anything. I’d probably have to laser cut the pattern & the holes for the thread before I did any soaking If I wanted that to work

Difficult to imagine sewing an epoxy stiffenen structure. How about traditional felt stiffening methods? Stiffening Felt