So, what's new in the design world? I've been on a retreat.

I made a return to entrepreneurialism back in 2008 with some funds to rejuvenate my passion for design and business. I even ventured out to Tsingtao, China for an industrial design convention (disappointing). Then, as we all know, the economic tsunami hit all of us. Fast forward to 2011, I was hired as a director of strategic planning & product development for Apple/ Android accessories company. On paper, the job required all of my business, design and legal skills. But, I couldn’t stand the owner and his “Steve Job” imitation management style without the talent. Disillusioned, I left a 6-figure job and did what a good Buddhist might do - I enrolled in a theological school! Yes, Theology! - Christianity, of course; Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Islam, Kant, and Marxism to name a few :smiley: Yes, a full-on assault on capitalism. Anyway, the academic rigor and content have been fabulous! Now, I have one year left.

But recently, I have been rethinking where I am now and how I would like to apply so much of whatI have learned into the design-entrepreneurial paradigm where I find myself most happy, excited, productive, and at home. I have many thoughts - perhaps too many. Still, I believe now I have much more substance - philosophy, ethics, religion(s), justice - that can undergird my design approach. In the meantime, I see that product design generally gets the most funding through sites such as Kickstarter. I may start with my other passions as inspiration for design such as road and mountain biking, sustainable design, etc.

Whew . . . Thanks for reading thus far. I just wanted to share what one nutty product designer is up to. Now, I just have to get up to speed on the latest upgrade for my CAD software 3D printing, design trends, etc., and really brush upon 3D software. :sunglasses:

Enigma, you live up to your user name, that is for sure :wink:

Welcome back to the boards!

Appreciate the welcome! Good to be back.

What’s new in the design world? Kickstarter.

Fewer people are funding product design, because the budgets are tighter and therefore priorities have changed towards making customers happy with fewer resources. If you want to stay in the design business, you’ll have to fight much harder than before to get your point across. People are more and more critical of design, salesmanship and the value that a product will bring them.

Good luck!

At the same time, Kickstarter and other similar sites have really helped fund design and other projects through pre-purchase funding; very creative in of itself!