So What would you like for X-mas?

After reading the Core77 gift guide, I was wondering what gifts were topping other peoples wish lists?

Being a total bike nerd and an aspiring cycl-tourer, I am dreaming of the wonderfully durable but ugly Ortlieb Back Roller plus Panniers. My inner design nerd is hoping for a whole wack of Prisma Colour Verithins, which are almost impossible to find in BC.
back rollers.jpg

I rode cross country last sumer, I had a sag wagon so I rocked a race bike.

A better job and clothes for my son.

You think its ugly? I am actually diggin it.

I too would like a better/new job!

I agree. I could do with a better job as well. I don’t santa can bring that though.

In a somewhat related note, here’s what I got for my birthday recently:

The new Gerber folding “kick Axe”.

When it comes to camping tools, a little badass doesn’t hurt!

^ Wow. I prefer Leatherman overall but that thing is pure awesome.

I too could use a job, any job. I’m not sure if that is something that can be gift wrapped though.

I agree with the want for employment as well. Where is Job Santa, that guy needs to step it up! :laughing:


Make that +2.
I really need one…