So what u think?...

…finally finished :smiley:

Way too too long to load your page!

hmm…strange…try this link

loaded up quickly for me. Nice computer models, but some process would go a long way.

??? Everything came up instantly on my machine. Loaded faster than core. Nice site. A little “under cunstruction” looking but the projects are displayed nicely when you click on them. A thumbnail image next to the titles might be nice if someone wants to go back to something specific but doesn’t remember the name.

The site didn’t load for me at all at but loaded instantly at

You might want to check your web forwarding.

I think the products look great although I’d like to see a bit more information maybe some information on the brief or some process. What exactly is ‘random’?

The site certainly isn’t how I’d have done it. I’d have split it up a bit more (resume, feedback seperate etc.) and exploited the great graphics you have more. (included product thumbnails, incorpotated them into the design of the site, etc). Basicly I’d have a more graphic rather than textual layout but that’s only my taste and what you’ve done looks clean and is easy to use. Also you need to scroll a lot to see the information if your viewing in a smaller window, but I guess that’s what people get for having low res monitors.


2all>thx for comments :smiley:
2yo>thx…which one?..or all of them? :wink:
2skinny>…thumbnails is a great idea…thx
2ed>hmm… is freedomain so i cant expect 100% working…brief is also great idea - i will make it soon…i tried to make minimalistic site without gifs or jpg on interface…(random is a trashcan)…