So... what did the Old Elf leave for you?

He left me a paint job for my trusty, rusty, old Cheby. And an invoice of course.

He left me one of these…

a Pro-Ject Debut 3 turntable…now I just need better speakers to go with it!

He left me with my family, shaken but unhurt, after
the old family van had a minor crash.

He left me also with a new family van for the girls
and well, the invoice was somehow missplaced on my
desk, also.


Enjoy your holidays and family meals every one!

Lew: Looks like a quality job. Treat it with some new
light clusters aswell, should make a mega difference at

Santa was good to me this year. A new pair of Allen Edmonds and a Jambox!!

Nice, I recommend these: :slight_smile:


We don’t do presents here, we usually just do donations to causes around the holidays, but my wife surprised me with something pretty special. In the Portland Airport, there is a super unique carpet. When I was working for Nike and going to China 4-5 times a year for 2-3 weeks at a clip, plus doing 7 or 8 other trips in a year, I started to develop this super positive association with that carpet. Coming off the plane I just always felt good when I saw that crazy rug.

Apparently i wasn’t the only one:

When they announced they would be ripping it up a clever entrepreneur started making socks and teeshirts of the pattern. It was a great little surprise to get these! It is the little things.


Those speakers are gorgeous! Unfortunately I’ve got a wedding to buy instead of speakers this year…but next year, you better believe I’m starting a what speakers should I buy thread!


Did you get new tires too? Nothing makes a car feel new like new tires…but the paint is really nice also!

A long American Express statement.

Santa comes after Christmas for this guy. Kids get all the Santa stuff and Dad has to wait for sales… Fine by this Santa, for sure.

[ Deleted ]

Wife organized an entire snowboard trip to Breckenridge next month with a bunch of friends. I haven’t been out there in years, so Im ridiculously excited about it. Going to do Breck, vail, and A Basin.

Most important was a new baby. I got to go fishing for almost a week in Southern California. This is what Santa brought me. A bunch of these and friends.

plus I’m on holiday in Sydney, caught the ferry to Watsons Bay, blue skies, 30 degrees, just had a beer at Darling Harbour, and now about to see a show at the Opera House!

Damn! I thought this was a book. Flying to Melbourne to see an exhibition might be a stretch.

Nice! Congrats!

Yes congrats!! Similar here. Not a new baby but finally told the family that we will be having one in June!!