So unfair :(

Ok so by the end of next week, I would have sent my transportation design portfolio to Art Center and CCS. But even as I do I know I won’t be able to go, for the simple fact that I don’t have $160,000. After all, I’m only 19, where the hell am I supposed to get that kind of money?

Now I’m from Canada, and am considered an international student. As I read the application requirements for CCS, I notice it says:

“Official certification from a financial institution documenting funds to cover one year’s tuition and expenses ($36,110). The actual amount available for studies must be stated in U.S. dollars.”

and ACCD has a similar application requirement:

“The SEVIS I-20 is issued only to accepted students who have completed a certification of finances form verifying that they can cover the costs of their education and living expenses for one calendar year and projected support for the final three years of full-time attendance” i.e. you must have 40k in the bank and expect to have the other 120k in the next 3 years.

As a 19 year old, I obviously don’t have 40k, it would take me several years at a dead end job to be able to make that money, and when I do, I would just be able to apply.

In other words they are saying that “we don’t care who you are, or how talented you are, or how driven and passionate you are, just make sure you have the money ready, and then we’ll review your application.”

Now I’m sure my parents have 40k sitting around somewhere, and they might be able to help me meet this application requirement, but they certainly can’t use it to pay for me for school, since they have other plans for it.

I was hoping for scholarships and loans to cover at least the first year, and seeing as I can’t get those scholarships or loans at least until I get accepted, and that they won’t consider accepting me until I have 40+k, I am in a very “screwed” position. I wish I was never interested in cars, and was normal. Then I wouldn’t have all these problems, but I know if I don’t go, I will be the saddest person on earth at retirement, and I would feel like I wasted my life.

At the moment tho I’m probably the saddest 19 year old I know.


That’s the situation about 90% of everyone on this forum was/is faced with.

Go apply for loans now. You will be able to get them. You’re 19 and a senior in high school… exactly what the student loan sharks want.

Again, I’m nearly positive you will be able to get the loans. Now it’s a timing game. So go act.

Ah, student loans.

You know where to shove that comment, and that line of thinking.

That’s as positively as I can say it. There was never a monument erected to a pessimist. Start thinking possibilities. There are no problems, just opportunities.

You’re tripping yourself before you’ve even started. Think the other way around.

Get the right mindset. And go do it.

Would they give me loans even If I’m not accepted? And of course I don’t know who I can get the loans from, the canadian government doesn’t seem to give large loans for people studying in a foreign country, and the US govt won’t give me a loan unless I have a resident from there to cosign it (which I don’t). Art Center won’t give me a loan until I’ve been accepted.

I’m aiming for fall, so that gives me a little time to get the loans once/if I get accepted.

Think solutions, not problems.

There is a way, certainly. That is for you to discover. Or to simply make it happen. Rob a bank if necessary, but just keep your name clean of it. If I did all the legwork for you to discover the solution, I’d want the education to go with it as well. You’ve got to earn it and seize it yourself.

One example off the top of my head…

-Apply for Art Center.
-Use your parents bank account to prove you can afford to go there.
-When you are accepted, then get your loans.

You haven’t done enough research on loans yet. They are out there. Canadian loans, US loans, international loans. You’re not the first student to go to Art Center from out of the country, so surely it is possible.

Bon chance

Try RBC or some other bank. (is canadian too xD) They usually handle the large side of loans for the most part. Also apply for bursaries like your life depends on it. If you win those they are money in your pocket for any school of your choice. I know that a 50$ bursary doesn’t seem like much, but a lot of 50-100$ bursaries can go pretty far sometimes. Also look for any kind of scholarships that you could apply for even if you are considered and “international student”. You can’t say it’s too much till you look at every possible way of making money to help you get in. That’s my two cents on the matter.

So Taylor? Are you saying your design education at Savannah cost you 160K?

thanks for the advice guys.

But I can’t help but wonder what it would be like if I didn’t have my parents to back me so that I could apply. How can they expect someone entering college to have at least 40k in the bank? People go to college so they can earn a degree and make money, if they have 160k in the bank then just buy a house or something.

I mean before applying they already expect you to have the skills, they expect you to have the money, then why would you need to go? Don’t people go to college to obtain skills and then make money? Isn’t making having a set amount of money an application requirement discrimination? At least let the people apply! Let them pay the $70 application fee, the months it takes to put together a portfolio at the sacrifice of a social life, the $200 it takes to print it and ship it, the $100 dollars it takes to cover the return costs, the insurance for the portfolio, the $ for the software and the supplies that are required to make the portfolio etc…

As for the loans, I have already done one year at the local university here (no transfer credits unfortunately) and for that I took out 10k in student loans just in case. When at the end of the year I took a leave to pursue this, they asked me to repay the loan, and they put me on a payment plan where in the end I would have to pay them 23k, over double! Of course I hadn’t used the 10k so I gladly gave them the whole thing back in one day, but what would that be like with a 160k loan? 320k that I owe? I would be financially screwed for life!

$15,000 per semester, is $120,000 for tuition alone, that is incredibly obscene! I would go as far as to say criminal. My dad went as far as to call it a scam (yeah he’s not very supportive of this). And then god knows how much more it would cost to live in california and the gas and the food and the car and the supplies. It should be 15k/year, then it would be fair IMO.

And at least trans design pays decently, but what about the fine arts and photography guys? How can art center expect people entering the college to be so rich in the first place? If they were that rich they wouldn’t need to study another day in their lives!

sorry for the rant, but I’m quite disturbed right now.

I’m not sure what part of Canada you are in but I would suggest you apply to Carlton, Humber or OCAD and get a industrial design degree. Do a transportation project for your thesis. Then try to get an automotive corporate sponsor to send you to Art Center. It happens.

Scotty D,

I never mentioned a figure on the cost of my education.

With material costs and study abroad programs, you’d be wrong to think it wasn’t directly comparable.

Or play the lottery, you could win. It happens.

Every student that goes to a private university and isn’t born with a silver spoon figures this out.

Let me refer you to the old “if there is a will, there is a way” chapter of life. You can make it happen.

difficult predicament for sure, but as has been mentioned, you are surely not the first or only one in this position.

My suggestion- call Art Center and speak with them about how best to approach it. It is in their best interest to help so they can get you $. You may be able to get connections to a student from canada/elsewhere who was in a similar position and get some leads on how to proceed.

Yes, education costs a lot (esp. in the US). Thats life, and its an investment in your future career. It’s why med school also cost so much and everyone can’t go.

Another option would be to look at CCS in Detroit another top trans school and i know of people who attended and lived in Windsor, ON to keep costs down.


15.000 a year is criminal?

well, I guess the people at my school, Parsons, should be in prison for charging us 16.000 a S-E-M-E-S-T-E-R!!!

also tuition is just the beginning, to produce to notch work, tools and supplies will cost you too.

Stop the whining, figure it out, just as anybody says.
If you are really passionate about it, you’ll find a way.
Out of my own experience I can say though, it’s really hard to do it without your parents backing you up.

I said 15k/semester is criminal.

I hope to figure it out somehow, but it will be exceptionally difficult. I just hope that this requirement of theirs about having to have the 40k just to apply won’t prevent me from applying. If it does it would be really sad.

oh, right. yeah, it is crazy.

well I am an international student as well (from sweden) and I had a broker determine the value of my parents house. then well looked at other stuff like stock and investments.

it’s not just about hard, cold cash in the bank.

you can always sell a kidney for $15,000 :slight_smile:


Worse comes to worse, call the admissions office AND ASK THEM!!

Apply for every loan you can think of, defer the hell out of it, invest or put into savings what you don’t use and you may just come out of school ahead of where you started. I’ve seen it done (albeit not 160K, but you could get close)

you could go to george brown in toronto…and pay 4k a year


Carleton is about $5k a year. If you had a HS average of 80%, tuition drops to $4k a year; 84% average, it drops to $3k a year, and so on. Easy to get Canadian govt backed student loans for Carleton that will be interest free until you start working (not to mention tons of bursary options).

Or play the lottery, you could win. It happens.

You’re right Yo. He should just forget the whole thing!