So the iphone has been hacked........

i started out on a mac, they simply do not do what i need a computer to do, period. you cannot get there from here. second, once i spent the half hour learning about how a computer works, it didn’t seem reasonable to spend that much on a fancy case, computer, phone, or mp3. i’m not an engineer either, i’m a drop out just like you!

i do have an i pod, i got it from the bank for switching accounts, for free. it doesn’t work anymore though.

you do get what you pay for, a membership to the club, not a phone. that phone probably cost about 50 cents to manufacture, maybe less.

one of my pc’s has been on for 6 years, its my server, i built it, i assembled the mother board and video card, put some ram in it, attached a hard drive and dvd, and ummmm, put the side of the case back on, it was really complicated. it took about, 20 min.

also, its not about how much things cost, its about what you get for your dollar, a marketing campaign in this case.

ignorance helps my paycheque, thanks!

A couple of things tell me that you don’t know what you’re talking about. 50 cents to manufacture the iPhone? Really!? Are you a product designer? Try $280.

The large corporation where I used to work discovered that a 5 year old Mac server was kicking the latest Dell servers azz so the whole department switched to Mac servers for that reason. These were PC guys making this decision. They were telling me that because Apple doesn’t skimp on components and because the architecture is more efficient, Windows XP will run faster on a Mac over a PC with the exact same specifications. So you’re claim that Mac’s don’t “get from here to there” (whatever that means) just doesn’t hold up.

I used to have a home made, beige windtunnel just like you but now I run XP and OSX on my Macbook Pro. Unfortunately I have to use XP for Solidworks, Rhino and Alias. I travel a lot so I really appreciate that it a) my laptop doesn’t weight 5 pounds or b) it’s not 3 inches thick like most PC laptops. c) it just works. I don’t mind paying for these advantages since I can afford to. Mac’s aren’t fancy. They just aren’t as gimp looking as most PCs.

Why iPhones suck - The iPhone is a piece of shit, and so is your face.

There are two distinct issues here. One pertaining to the purchasing of the physical product, which you do own once paid for. The second pertains to the copywrited software contained within the phone. Which you infact only license the use of through the terms and conditions. in essence this mandateds the way in which the software can be used and not modified in any manor.

Read you license agreement for any software lying around, Adobe, MS…even the Xbox360 and PS3.

I did a little research and it looks like a hard ware hack, litterly just moving a wire from one buss to another. This makes sense in that during design you would make the unit compatiable with as many providers as possiable then when negoiations were done with the providers “enable” them on the production line. Smart kid, and given its a hard ware hack I think he is scott free.

Will, where did you find this write up? It made me laugh so hard my abs are hurting a little. Do you have a E70?


This is going to be my first post of this kind! This is a design (Arch, ID, and GD) forum, and until you actually have some knowledge of the world in which we as professional and students in this field are working do not open your ignorant mouth.

Search these forums there is a breakdown of the approximate COG of the Iphone @ $75-$120 is I recall correctly. That is small compared to the retail price. But you then have to amortise in the Tooling cost, with Apple this is most always on the high side as they have extremely tight tolerances. Tighter than most manufacturers will even promise. Advertising campaigns both apple and Cingular/AT&T, and all the other overhead that has to amortise into the product.

Good for you, you built a PC…so have many here. Built my first one from the ground up including some basic software apps when I was in 8th grade back in 1989. Built 3 since, including gutting and rebuilding my laptop.

I still appreciate the design, and detail within the IPhone…even though ergonomically it is one of the worst on the marker

Sounds like what would be possible, and depending on T&C probably ligit.
Similar to the moding on the xbox that was added to the T&C of the 360 that allows MS to legally brick (hard lock) a system if a hack/mod is detected by xbl or even a new game.

Perhaps you also need to review the FCC frequency usage regulations. Cell frequencies are protected bandwidths the same as DOD bands. All forms of unauthorized interference (listening, transmitting, cloning, etc.) is a felony.

He’s flippin’ hilarious eh? No I don’t have an e70, but I’d like one.

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as an industrial designer, with over 20 patents in 12 years experiece, my point is, you shouldn’t have to pay more, just because it looks cool. RESEARCH should be able to help you design it to look cooler, work better, and cost less which enables more class access. or you could paint it red.

As an industrial designer with more than 10 patents Most in the (consumer and medical relm) both utility and design, as well as another 6 pending this year alone…Not to mention the many patents and awards over the past 5 yrs of professional work last 3.5 at a top tier firm, specializing in said research. It is this research and the attention to the details, within every aspect that drive the price up. As well as the truth behind great design being priced at a premium.

I see that you are still stuck in the Wal-Mart cheaper is always better mentality. Which thank God many manufactures are learning only leads to bankruptcy…even the retail stores them selves are realizing it.

The IPhone is intended to be a premium product, for the premium purchaser…not the LG free phone crowd, and it is priced to suit the intended customer range…Live with it…or learn to appreciate and sell your profession more, so you can actually buy a phone. The quality of the purchased ones are far beter than the cheap giveaways. Personal experiance here, yes you do get what you pay for.

Are we talking about the Iphone in particular or Apple products in general? Apple products do look cool, but they also command high end features on top of that. I don’t own a single Apple product, I’m a cheap stubborn jew and I prefer my knockoff Sandisk Sansa, my discount deal PC, and my free Samsung phone.

With that said I’ve USED enough Apple products to still want them and agree that they are a premium product for their market. I used a Macbook Pro all last summer and it was a fantastic machine, in a completely different league than my Dell laptop. It’s the details, the backlit keyboard, the magnetic power cord, the integrated camera/remote (and its seamless incorporation into the software) that really let you know why it costs a few hundred more then a similarly spec’ed PC. Considering now macs can run Windows, it even more justifys that price gap for those who like OSX. You can run all of your Mac apps AND all of your CAD apps on the same machine almost seamlessly. So saying “A Mac doesn’t do what I need a computer to do” simply is no longer a valid claim – prior to bootcamp/intel I would have agreed with you.

The Iphone is the most expensive phone out there. But do you own a smart phone? A high end Palm Treo costs anywhere between $300-500 depending on your contract. Throw in an 8 gig Mp3 player and the price easily justifys what you get. I’m not saying I’d go out and buy one, but obviously their sales reflect the fact that plenty of people did. And Apple knew they would because they did the RESEARCH to make sure it would sell.

And as an unemployed graduate living in his mothers basement with zero patents, do you REALLY need to keep backing up your knowledge with personal bragging tidbits about how fast you can build a computer, how many patents you have, and how experienced you are? If you make a valid point then no one is going to question who you are or what you do. Comments like that just clutter the thread with internet testosterone. :unamused:

dude, the E70 sucked. N80, sucked. N95, was waaaayyy over priced. but you do have one thing right, Nokia is awesome. and way better then other phones. In the time it took Motorola to move 50,000,000 razors Nokia sold 200,000,000 1100’s. It goes to show that something simple that poor people want is better then something (with crappy UI) that Americans want.

lame, go the legal route and get cd’s from the library and rip them, you own a share of that CD from paying taxes.

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