So the iphone has been hacked........

To the community what are your thoughts on this action. It effects AT&T as well as Apple in their ability to do commerce and protect the innovation that was developed. As a manufacturer their actions were deliberate. The message the hack sends to the communications industry is that innovation is important, but being in a closed environment isn’t a good thing.

While I disagree with Apple’s unbending closed architecture I also respect it. It is a huge part of what allows them to keep the products what they believe they should be. In other words, it allows them to keep the simplicity in their products. By opening it up, you have no control over the quality of the stuff going on the machine. In fact, the majority of it is going to be complete and utter garbage. In the case of Apple, that erodes their brand.

All that said, I thoroughly disagree with the hack. Just like I have come full circle and I no longer use cracked software. I own a license for all of my software (work and leisure). I purchase all my music (itunes primarily).

i do not really see how this situation with the iphone is different with any other phone? there is not a phone anywhere (especially of those that are sought after & only available to a single carrier) that has not been unlocked, hacked, or otherwise freed from the whatever boundaries put up by cell phone carriers here in the states…so i do not really see a message in this instance that has not already been sent? am i missing something?

I never used unlicened software, never down loaded a song from napster or any of its kind. The reason was simple, I made my $ from royalties and to use a licened product with out paying the licence was out and out theft. I used to voice my postion on this in cyber land, and for the most part was told to shut up and blow off. Lots of talk about ethics in certain groups, but a ittle larcney when nobod is looking seems to be just fine with many. :unamused:

As was mentioned I don’t see this as a big deal. Every cell phone is unlocked sooner or later. I can’t see it being a big enough issue that it causes problems for Apple or AT&T.

If you’re one of the select few that is capable of hacking your phone, then you obviously aren’t going to be calling Apple tech support and asking them for help when it stops working.

I also don’t see how this relates to cracked software/downloaded music. A hacked phone is a device that you’ve paid for, and simply want the ability to use it on a network of your choice (which you are also paying for) with software of your choice.

Cracked software/music is stealing, and is an entirely different ballgame.

you bought a device with a use contract, you have breached the contract.

I do like to think that when I buy something, I can do whatever I want with it. But I also recognize that frequently these devices are subsidized by the carriers. But this isn’t the case for the iPhone–you can buy one without a contract.

Remember that the iPhone has features only possible via the Cingular/AT&T network, like visual voicemail. They’d be smart to continue these kinds of device/carrier innovations. This would make “unlocking” a moot point (in which case I think Apple should make them available unlocked for the same reason they’ve started offering DRM-free music.)

Again, if I buy a phone on ebay and hack it, theres been no contract breach, as I’ve never signed any contract. I paid for a device, and I should be able to do whatever I want with it, smash it into a wall, use a different carrier in a foreign country, download Linux so I can play Doom, etc.

Even if you breach your contract, (and I obviously don’t have a Cell phone plan agreement in front of me) I’d imagine the only thing you’re going to get is a cancelled contract or a voided warranty, which effects you in a negative light, not the company. In the end they still have your money.

good point on ebay.

just playing devil’s advocate here, but
wouldn’t the e-bay scenario be similar to buying stolen merchandise on e-bay?

I need something clarified.

Hacked and Unlocked are subtle, but significantly different scenarios. Unlocked removes the lock on a SIM card. The integrity of the phone isn’t compromised.

The problem being that a phone that has been hacked and software thrown on it that isn’t certified can do damage to the network. Especially in the CDMA steam. In GSM (a la iPhone), you can reduce or totally compromise up to 8 other people around you (I think that’s the number).

Unlocking your phone is just letting you put a SIM card in from another carrier. And considering my complete and utter contempt for carriers and their, IMO, competition eliminating tactics I have little issue with unlocking.

Exactly. The problem with the iPhone as I understand it is that you have to hack the OS to unlock it. I have no issues with unlocking cell phones as I think it is unethical of providers to force consumers to use their service exclusively. When you buy a computer you are not forced to use a specific service provider that is tied to your computer. When you buy a car it is not tied to a specific insurance company.

Although I think that hackers provide a healthy balance in the technology eco-system (Like the kid who invented the Wikiscanner, for a recent example) I do respect Apples closed format. Total control and integration contributes to their success.

It does?

How would you explain the undying loyalty to Apple over the years? A locked system has been Jobs’ MO from day one.

I would just like to add that you can get free phones from most providers, and i’m sure the iphone will be included in that soon.

Also, with my radio equipment I can listen to any cell phone, so, they’re all hacked, they come hacked, its a radio wave. by the way, go do some more banking on your cell phone.

Also, who in they’re right mind would pay that much for a piece of junk like that? give your head a shake buddy, its a phone, they’re free.

Also, I am selling black turtle necks, all sizes, they have little tags that say Iturtle, only $900, let me know, I’ll send you one.

“How would you explain the undying loyalty to Apple over the years? A locked system has been Jobs’ MO from day one.”

Also, I don’t know anyone who owns a mac who knows how a computer actually works. well here you go, its magic! actually, its I Magic… oh wait, its called I don’t know.

There is a difference. Apple is not forcing me to choose a specific internet provider.

That’s great. So you go get your free cell phone and I’ll hang on to my iPhone. Price is relative. To some its a fortune, to some it’s not all that much. Depends on how much you make in this class society we call America.

How do you know it is junk? Have you spent an extended period of time using one? You wouldn’t be so stupid as to make a judgement without backing it up with experience, would you?

The beauty of a Mac is that you don’t have to be an engineer or computer programmer or a repair technician in order to use one. Unlike PC’s…

You get what you pay for.

Good thing the iPhone is not a cell phone then. Technically the iPhone is a miniaturized computer since Apple rewrote the OSX operating system specifically for it. It has more in common with a computer than it does with a cell phone.