So many posters...

…and so few with lots of posts. Do you realize that (on the new board, at least) there are over 1800 members, but you only have to go down 42 places to get to those with less than 50 posts?

I think there’s hidden meaning in that, as well. (karma++ to the people who get it).

I would just line it up to having many new users. Alot of people, like myself, have just discovered Core77 and the forum culture that is associated.

Personally… I post in a few forums, so it takes me a while to accumulate alot in any of them.
I suppose you could also say if lots of people have few posts maybe they are thinking about what they are saying more?.. prob not the case.
Anyway its better than a forum jam packed with spam messeges.

I read the posts but don’t post as much.

Karma-- for me I guess, you could be barking up one of several trees, spell it out for us.